Peepo Introduction

Peepo is a tool for analyzing Apache weblogs in real time.
To get an idea of what Peepo can do, take a look at the screenshots.
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Peepo consists of a server that broadcasts Apache logs via UDP and a desktop application that recieves them, filters them and plots basic statistics for them.

Peepo is written in Java and is released under the GNU Public Licence (GPL). This makes it software that protects your freedoms. The project source code (together with other resources) is hosted at the open source development site SourceForge.

This application was initially written for two reasons. Firstly, I needed such a tool. Secondly as a testing ground for my Pronto Java libraries. In its present form it has served both purposes very well and I have released it to the community in the expectation that the software may be useful to others. In its present form, I consider the software to be an alpha release, but this does not mean that the software is poorly written. On the contrary, the server component is fairly well written; the client part much less so (in keeping with its lower operational risk). What it does mean is that the software has not been tested in a wide variety of different environments and I haven't put much thought into its functional scope. I am therefore unable to qualify it as anything like a beta or final release.