Image I/O TIFF Plugin

The Jai-imageio provides a useful plug-in for reading TIFF images via the Image I/O API but unfortunately, the project is not amenable to easy use in Maven projects. For this reason, I've published a small Maven project that cleanly exposes a pure Java implementation for reading and writing TIFFs.


To use the library simply include it as a regular Maven compile-scoped dependency, it uses jar services to automatically register itself as an Image I/O plugin.


To make the library jar available within your local repository you can either build it from source by checking it out from the Google Code with

svn checkout imageio-plugins

and then executing maven install on the imageio-plugins project. Or you can add the following repository to your project pom (or settings):

      <name>Tom Gibara Maven Repository</name>

With the correct Maven dependency properly established, loading a TIFF is as simple as:

BufferedImage image =;


All project source code is released under a Sun modified MIT Licence as per the original source files.