Crinch Introduction

Crinch is a multi-part Java library that provides a range of compact data structures, indexes and persistent stores together with the underlying abstractions to create new ones.


Crinch is built using Maven and consists of the following modules:


At this time (as of version 0.7), only bits and coding APIs have properly stabilized.

Documentation for the remaining libraries is currently sparse, but there are quite a few posts about Crinch on my blog.

The project is entirely open source; the source code is available from my Google Code project.


Crinch is built using Maven. To build a release x.x from source do:

svn co crinch
cd crinch
mvn install

Then you can add Crinch as a dependency to your maven project using:


If you don't want to build the Crinch from source, you may choose to add the following repository to your POM (or settings):

      <name>Tom Gibara Maven Repository</name>


All project source code is under the Apache 2.0 licence. This gives it an extremely wide scope for use in closed source, commercially licenced software and other open source projects. Please read the licence for full details.