The Java projects combine the ultimate goal of designing and implementing a new computer language. Unfortunately, this work has become sidelined by my enjoyment of Android development. I do intend to resume work on these projects in the future, but I don't have a firm date.

Active projects:


Pronto provides a lightweight framework for managing the runtime configuration, operation and dependencies of Java applications.


Crinch supports the compact indexing and storage of large datasets.


Fledge distributes large-scale self-organising networks by diktat.


Stupp is a small Java library for mocking-up the persistence of interface-based data models in unit tests.

Minor projects:


Peepo is a tool for remote analysis of Apache weblogs in real time. It consists of a server that broadcasts Apache logs via UDP and a desktop application that recieves, filters and plots them.


Money is a small Java package that provides useful abstractions for recording, computing and formatting monetary amounts.


Geo is a small Java library for working with geographic coordinate systems.

Image I/O

Provides a TIFF plugin to Image I/O that can be used in Maven built projects.

Deferred projects:


Diktat is a service for remotely synchronizing pronto installations.


Reservoir provides transparent redundant distributed data storage over a fledge managed network.


Colony is a platform for distributed computing using constraint-based programing over a reservoir.