Model Building

My mother just bought my daughter a box of linkable shapes. At the same time, I got knocked down by a nasty cold and found myself too ill to work. My daughter never stood a chance as I spent a day learning how to create models with them.

(Click on the pictures for higher resolution images)

The shapes are all identical (though colours vary).

Single Link

When combined as below they 'tile' the plane.

Plane Tiling

But they are very flexible and can be contorted easily.

Link Flexibility

A model's appearance can depend as much on the moulding of the shapes as their linkage. The structure of the links in the two images below is identical, but in one case the result is a cylinder and in the other something approximating a truncated octahedron.

Trucated Octahedron

In addition to the obvious interconnections demonstrated above. The plasticity of the shapes allow for various kinds of overlapping joints consisting of between three and six links.

Triangular Joint
Pentagonal Joint
Hexagonal Joint

The small (approximately spherical) models below have a similar structure except that in the second model the interconnections have been overlapped.

Non-overlapped Joints
Overlapped Joints

Using these various primitive linking operations, a multitude of Platonic and Archimedian solids. My most ambitious model at the end of the day was this set of rounded tetrahedra composed around a regular pentagon.

And here's one for Cooking Capsules.

Cooking Capsule
May 2009