About Logo Two

I made this logo for fun, after realizing how simple it is to do cheesy lettering effects. I generally use the excellent Inkscape to produce vector my graphics. Its an open source editor that is based around the SVG format. This is all I had to do:

First I created two separate text nodes "Tom" and "Gibara" and aligned them horizontally to the point at which I wanted to join them – the middle of the m above the ascender of the b.

Then I converted the text into a path so that I could manipulate it. At that stage I made a couple of simple adjustments: I widened the verticals of the m to match the space between the i and the b and then lowered them so that they overlapped with the bottom word. Finally I performed a union on the two objects to join their separate paths into a single path for further editing.

Next I sculpted (slightly clumsily) the a to conjoin it with the r and shaped the last leg of the m (to give the letter a little more balance) by simply dragging one of the control points directly downwards.

The finishing touch was to introduce a slight indent to hint at the location of the dot above the i. To do this I added three points on each side. The result is barely visible at this scale.

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