Paw Paw Keyboard Feautures
(future features)

What's missing from the current Paw Paw Keyboard release?

Text Entry:
  • Editing within the recommendation to be made possible by tapping letters to change, or flicking them left to insert the caret.
  • Support all accented characters in keyboard.
  • Allocate probablities for accented characters.
Typing Assistance:
  • Common typo correction and auto capitalization.
  • Suggestion of the most likely completion.
  • Provide a user dictionary.
  • Configuration parser to produce customized keyboards.
  • Multi-language support.
  • User Preferences.
  • Trie performance improvements.
  • Record word frequencies in the trie on a logarithmic scale.
  • Produce a more compact trie representation.
  • Introduce a large dictionary.
  • Improved button emblems for return, backspace and shift.
  • Styling of typed letters.
  • More visible pressed button colour.
  • Add emblem for tab.