Moseycode Videos

Below are some videos I've recorded as I've developed the Moseycode software.

User Demos

A video supporting the application's entry into the Android Developer Challenge.

This shows the combination of Android's 2D and 3D graphics APIs; a coloured cube is being projected 'above' the bar code. Note that the code for estimating the 3D situation of the barcode is quite immature at this time, so accuracy should improve significantly.

This shows the distribution of an image using a barcode. Anyone viewing the barcode can choose to download and save the image inside the barcode.

This shows how information about the authorship of a barcode can be displayed to a user. Note the interactive elements; rotating the barcode to access different aspects of the authorship information; pulling the barcode away (moving the camera away in a handheld device) to zoom out.

Algorithm Demos

This shows the software tracking the black rings that are used to locate barcodes before reading them.

The position in space of the corners of the barcode relative to the camera are being inferred from the rings in each corner.

This video demonstrates how the locations of bits of barcoded information can be predicted from the markers that accompany the bits. As the video demonstrates, the prediction accuracy is more than good enough. This is because extra accuracy is needed for subsequent compositing.

This shows one of the algorithms available for optionally hiding the barcode before compositing further data into the frames.