Moseycode Changelog

January 17th 2008
First release: no changes
January 29th 2008
Fixed a small but serious error in checksum algorithm used both to read and generate barcodes. Barcodes generated to-date will continue to be honoured, new barcodes will be issued correctly.
Fixed bug which caused barcodes to omit final state. This caused links and contacts to be inoperable.
Fixed bug in which the scanning activity thread started too early. This could cause delays in recognizing changes to settings.
Improved presentation of the application's About activity. (screenshot)
Added a Launch activity from which users can select other activities prior to scanning barcodes. (screenshot)
Added a History activity with which users can view/remove/clear information about the barcodes that they have scanned. (screenshot)
Added a content provider that gives other applications access to the barcode history (documentation)
February 19th 2008
Changed code to work with latest (m5-rc14) release of Android SDK.
Fixed bug that assumed authorship information was available for portal history.
Added preview state to portal content provider.
Added icons for menu options.
April 11th 2008
Added presentation flavor.
Improved chamber markup language to include many new capabilities.
Improved substitution tokens: rationalized all config substitution to use a standard syntax.
Fixed bug in portal history that duplicated portals.
Changed barcode creation references to barcode publishing.
Added activity for associating application with a Moseycode authoring account.
Added a browsable list of authored portals.
Added an activity that lists information about any authored portal.
Added an activity for analyzing the scan locations and geographic popularity of a barcode.
Added an activity for distributing barcode images via email.
Improved display of the 'no feed' message for camera.
Added rendering of link title and address to direction flavoured portals.
Added titles and descriptions to media elements in markup language.
Changed markup language to unify document and media content.
Added an activity for publishing contacts to a portal.
Added an activity for publishing bookmarks to a portal.
Added an activity for publishing short textual notes to a portal.
Changed application icon.
May 20th 2008
Improved layout of application launch screen.
Added Moseycode service notifications to launch screen.
Fixed display of contact information on communication flavoured barcodes.
Changed name of "type" column to "format" in portal provider.
Added scanning of multiple other barcode formats using the ZXing library from Google.
Added code generation for non-Moseycode barcodes (reserving chamber 256 for this purpose).
Added non-Moseycode barcodes to barcode history activity.
Added default preview images for non-Moseycode formatted barcodes.
Improved performance of overlay rendering.
Fixed bug in XML escaping function.
Added ACTIVATE_BARCODE action to allow other applications to handle barcode interactions.
Added BARCODE_ACTIVATED action, allowing other applications to be notified of barcode activations.
Changed package for SCAN_BARCODE action from to com.tomgibara.intent.
Changed RAW and CHAMBER intent extras to CODE and SOURCE respectively.
Changed "type" activity result property to "format" and the reported value "Mosey" to "MOSEYCODE".
Changed intent extras to include package name.
Changed SCAN_BARCODE action's URL result type to URI.
Changed scan result to use a parcelable array instead of a bundle.
Fixed bug that modified aspect ratio of scanned images.