Moseycode Release 0.1.2

This is the third release of Moseycode, an Android application for sharing interactive augmented-reality barcodes. This is an early access release that continues to be targeted at other Android application developers. The hope is that some developers may want to integrate Moseycode within their application – conversely they may see reasons for Moseycode to be integrated with their applications. Either way, this release is for them.

For details about how you can use Moseycode within your own Android application, read about Moseycode Intents and Content Providers.


The following files are available for download as part of this release:

Android package containing the moseycode application.
A simple application that demonstrates how to invoke Moseycode programmatically.
Source code and resources for the moseycode-harness application.


How to install the Moseycode Android application.
Release Notes
Key information about this release.
Changelog for all versions of the Moseycode application.
Documentation describing how to launch Moseycode programmatically.
Content Providers
Documentation describing how to query Moseycode programmatically.
The latest user help for the Moseycode application.
Screenshots of some of some of what's new in this release.


Please contact me if you:

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