Moseycode Fun & Games

I can think of many fun* things you could do with Moseycode. Unfortunately I'm limited at the moment by the speed at which I can develop the necessary software capabilities. As a result I have to be content with simple ideas that work with the software as it is now, like this one:

Can you recognize these famous people?

To find out if you're right, you're going to need to be running the Android Moseycode application, in which case the solution will magically present itself to you. Depending on when you're reading this, an early release version of the software may not be available yet, sorry you'll have to check back later.

I tried to pick internationally famous people that almost anyone would recognize; and I've tried to make them possible to guess. I'm not endorsing any of the celebrities below; and they certainly don't endorse me.




* Of course, my concept of fun may be quite different to yours.