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Metaglow is a free Android application that allows you to discover, keep and share computer-generated designs. It uses a genetic mutation to create designs that are styled by the choices you make.

Everyone's favorite designs are automatically shared, allowing you to find designs you like among those that others have discovered.

Any designs can be conveniently set as the background image on your device.

Release History

December 14th 2010
Version 0.1
Pre-alpha Release
May 6th 2010
Version 0.9
Public Beta Release

Application Help

About the App

Metaglow allows you to discover, keep and share abstract background designs.

It uses a genetic mutation to create designs that are styled by your choices.

Favorite designs are automatically shared with other users.

Using the App

From the home screen of the application you are presented with a small number of options.

Discover allows you to find new designs that you like. It displays a small set of designs. Tapping on any one of the designs will cause new designs to be generated. Initially, the selection of designs is random, but with successive choices, its appearance can be molded.

You can make the most recently selected design a Favorite or press-and-hold it for a close-up and the option to set it as your device's Wallpaper. Additionally, you can flick back through a history of all your previous designs.

View shows you a list of your favorite designs. These may be designs you discovered, or those of other users.

Browse presents a snapshot of everyone's designs, including your own. Stars over-layed onto the designs indicate how many people have that design as a favorite. The designs are ordered by the date of their Discovery with the most recent designs displayed first. You can change this to see designs ordered by their Popularity.

Use the tabs to navigate between the different activities. At any time, you can return to the application's home screen by tapping on the Metaglow title.

Tapping on the home screen's emblem allows you to discover new designs from other users or to rediscover old designs of your own. Press and hold the emblem to disable its cycling design.

and Accounts

This application uses the Yoke platform for storing and sharing your designs. Though you can use the application anonymously, it is important that you register, otherwise, if you uninstall the application or lose your device, you won't again be able to access your designs.

Yoke attempts to make registration as simple as possible and offers the option of registering with Google, Facebook or Twitter. If you don't have an account with any of these services you can create an account directly with Yoke, using a username and password of your choosing.

Note that unless you explicitly give consent at some later date, third-party accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter) will not be used for any purpose other than to establish your identity with the application. Registration is secure and your passwords to these accounts are not divulged to Yoke, or the application.

Use the application's menu on the home-screen to access the account options.