Download Betan

Betan for End-Users

Directions for use

Note that these directions are only useful for individuals who have been invited to download copies of applications using Betan. Unless you have been given a valid password by an application publisher, these directions will be of no use to you.

  1. So that Betan can install applications to your phone, it is necessary to enable the installation of non-Market applications. If you have not already done this, go to the phone's home screen and press "Menu", then select Settings > Applications and check "Unknown Sources". Some phones may not provide this capability, this means that you cannot use Betan, sorry.
  2. Download the application from the Android market; search for Betan, or if you are viewing this on an android phone you can use this link to download Betan from the Android Market
  3. Launch the Betan application. Note that Betan requires a network connection to run.
  4. Choose, from the list provided, the application publisher who has invited you to download an application.
  5. In the box provided enter the password you have been given. Passwords are case sensitive.
  6. Tap the "Download Application" button. If a red cross appears, you have the wrong password; try again. Contact the publisher if the password is repeatedly rejected.
  7. Otherwise, the download should begin with a notification appearing in the status bar. Wait for the application file to finish downloading. If the application fails to download, the notification in the status bar will include an exclamation mark; make sure your phone has a stable network connection (wifi is best). If the application repeatedly fails to download, you may wish to contact the application's publisher for assistance.
  8. When the download has finished, the status bar notification will change. Tapping the notification will invite you to install the application. The application will be subject to the customary granting of Application privileges and you can cancel the installation at this time.

How Betan works

The Betan downloads a list of available applications from my website. This list contains the names of any encrypted Android application files (APKs) that I have made avalilable via Betan. When you enter a known password, one of the APKs will be downloaded, decrypted and stored on your phone. Only one application may be installed at a time and only one decrypted APK file will ever be stored on your phone. This file will not be automatically deleted from your phone after you have installed the application. You can manually remove the file by choosing "Clear" from the application menu; if the menu item is unavailable it means that there is no APK stored.