Babilo is an Android application widget that I implemented to try out the new appwidget API in version 1.5. It's based on a design I formulated prior to Android. The name is inspired by its adherence to the Babylonian system that has continued to form the basis of our time keeping for more than 3½ thousand years.

A proof of concept implementation running on a pre-release of Android 1.5


The concept behind Babilo is to create a practical clock that reports time in hours, minutes and seconds without using numerals. I attempted to create a design that was based on a small number of themes and that would be culturally resonant even if not worth learning or adopting.

I have designs down for a Babilo calendar too, I may choose to implement this at some later time.


Very little effort has gone into the implementation of this. I've built up a fair bit of experience with the graphics APIs that Android provides so the code that renders the clock is already fairly tight even in this first iteration. I will continue to use the widget to broaden my understanding of the relevant APIs and whats practical for future projects.