Android Code and Apps

I've recently spent quite a lot of time writing software for the Android mobile platform. I've also published a number of applications. If you're thinking of downloading (or even buying!) one, I've put together some comments about my approach to writing and selling Android applications.

I can be quite absent minded and wanted an application that might help if I lost my phone. Pintail was the result; it was also an experiment in "useful minimalism".

Betan is an application that allows me to share private copies of Android applications.

With Daisy Garden you can grow flowers and arrange them into gardens.

Turn the flowers you grow into a beautiful live wallpaper with Daisy Live Wallpaper.

Discover beautiful wallpapers and share them with Metaglow.

Mobility, cooking and media combine to form Cooking Capsules.

Transport yourself to a Meadow every time you switch on your device.

Other code and apps

My interest in text entry systems prompted me to take an early stab at developing a keyboard for Android powered devices. My first foray is called Paw Paw Keyboard.

My first game for the Android platform is well underway; you can get a preview peek of Daisy Chase. To accompany the game I've also developed Daisy Garden.

Babilo is a clock, implemented as an Android application widget.

Finally, there's a Doclet which may be useful for supporting Android platform builds with Java 1.6

(oh... and a POC tiler)